Service & Repair

Experience indicates that new facilities with no scientific component monitoring will typically have leaking rates of 5%, with older facilities showing rates up to 15%. KLINGER is able to provide clients with com- plete installation and maintenance packages (during shut-down or permanently), effectively increasing plant productivity through reliable valve operation and gasket joint integrity. Furthermore, handling training for operating personnel may also be arranged on site or at KLINGER locations.

Furmanite Service and Repair

Furmanite is a worldwide leader and innovator in on-site industrial plant turnaround maintenance and on-line contractor engineered services. Our Company's single mission and goal is to Maximize Asset Uptime for our customers from many industries by providing services such as leak sealing, hot tapping and line stopping, on-site machining and field heat treatment and more... Specifically, everything Furmanite does directly relates to keeping asset up, productive and profitable; be it a pipeline, a plant, or personnel. Rely on Furmanite.