KLINGER SPA Level Gauges

KLINGER SPA produces a large range of Level Gauges. They are available in several executions to meet all different requirements and services. KLINGER level gauges are designed to operate up to a max working pressure of 3262 psi on steam service an up to 5800 psi on process service, suiting every application. They are supplied in first class materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, superalloy and others, in accordance with the customer's needs.


KLINGER SCHOENEBERG is a German valve manufacturer with its focus on the research, development and production of industrial valves. Especially ball valves with a know-how background of more than 20 years. The series of ball valves are specified in the chemical industry throughout the world for their high performance, severe service and high cycle. Their customizable products turned KLINGER SCHOENEBERG into a leading compnay in the field of special valves. The valves are applicable from -320°F up to +1112°F and a pressure up to 5800 psi as well as up to class 2500. Special alloys (i.e. titaniumn Hastelloy), ceramic sealings and PFA-lined sampling device ball valves belongs to their scope of supply. KLINGER ADVANTAGE distributes these valves on the U.S. market.


RF Valves design the Pinch valves based on customer needs. The valves feature an elastomer tube with a long life and reduced mainentance time. The Pinch Valves are available from 1" up to 60" and allow a working pressure up to 600 psi. RF Valves guarantees a zero leakage shut-off. They use advanced technology and the highest standards in design and material. Are you challenged with abrasive slurries or powders, scalling slurries as well as plugging slurries RF Valves will be the right choice. KLINGER ADVANTAGE distributes these Valves on the U.S. market.

Perrin Valves

Perrin GmbH manufactures both standard and customized ball valves for use in nearly every professional environment. The temperature range of the Perrin valves goes from -320°F to +1470°F and the size from ½" to 24". The pressure range starts at ANSI Class 150 and end at Class 2500. The materials used are carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloy and other special materials based on the customer requirements. Perrin is a certified German manufacturer. They attach a great importance to maintaining the reliablity and high quality of their products. KLINGER ADVANTAGE distributes these Valves in the State of Louisiana.

AMG­‐Pesch Actuators

As a manufacturer of high quality pneumatic actuators, AMG-Pesch provides you with the complete control systems from a single source. The product range includes double acting and single-turn actuators. Turn actuators are designed for usage with various swing areas: 90°, 120° and 180°, and hold numerous specifications available. Furthermore, AMG-Pesch has a productline for particularly high torque. KLINGER ADVANTAGE distributes these actuators in the U.S. market.


Sure Seal manufactures butterfly valves and ball valves to serve a broad variety of process applications involving the movement, dry bulk and liquid materials. Sure Seal machines and manufactures all parts in house with modern advanced computer controlled machining centers to assure the highest standards in the industry. The industries they serve are chemical and pharmaceutical plants, rail cars as well as pneumatic tank trailers.The different series of Butterfly Valves starts at a size of 2" and ends at 30" in different high quality materials as well as high pressure types. KLINGER ADVANTAGE distributes these valves in the U.S. market.

Quadax Valves

Quadax manufactures metal seated butterfly valves with the highest quality of seat and sealing surfaces. That valves are fire-safe in both directions and they offer a unique quadruple offset design that has all the qualities of the proven triple offset butterfly valves. Quadax valves are resistant to soil and dirt, offer zero leakage in every condition and have nearly linear characteristics between 20° and 80° open. Sizes up to 40" and pressure classes to 1500 are available. KLINGER ADVANTAGE distributes these valves in the U.S. market

DelTech Controls

DelTech Controls manufactures all their products in a modern facility. The facility is staffed by a team of competent engineers who specalize in the designing and developing of flow control valves. The Butterfly valves size is up to 24" and they work between 40°F to 392°F. The Ball valves are available from ½" to 24" and from 20°F to 392°F. The class is between 150 and 1500 dependingon the customer requirements. Furthermore, every valve is available in different materials and KLINGER ADVANTAGE provides these valves in the U.S. market.


Cera System offers wear and corrosion resistant ball valves for open / close and control function. The use of ceramic lined valves is sensible in all cases where standard valves reach their limits (abrasion, corrosion, temperature and pressure). A large range of metallic and ceramic materials permits solutions for almost all industrial sectors. Special applications are solved in close cooperation with our customers. If you have the need of ceramic lined valves, KLINGER ADVANTAGE provides this valves in the U.S. market.


ChemValve manufactures high performance fully lined plug valves. They conduct extensive quality control tests to ensure the performance and safety of its ball valves. The plug valves are well known in chemical processes, agrucultural chemicals, grain processing and the oil and gas industry. The fully lined valves with liner options are in Teflon, Kynar PolyPro and filled teflons. They have double block & bleed capability and the control trims are available for a wide range of CV requirements. The available sizes are up to 8" and class 3000. KLINGER ADVANTAGE provides these valves in the U.S. market.


FluoroSeal specializes in the manufacturing and servicing of a full range of sleeved and lined industrial plug valves. Furthermore, they are specializing in exotic materials such as Nickel, Hastelloy and Alloy 20. The product range are from class 150 up to class 600 with body sizes from ½" to 18". The design features allow bi-directional flof, quarter-turn operation, non lubricated and self cleaning on each option as well as jacketed designs. The valves are applicated in chemical plants, paint & paint product plants, food & beverage, mining, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, power generation, pulp and paper and semi-conductors. KLINGER ADVANTAGE provides these Valves in the U.S. market.

Pacific Wedgeplug Valves

Wedgeplug valves are designed for high temperature severe service. They are used in coking, ethylene and other extreme services. Therefore, the plug valves are available in a wide range of materials. The specifications are to get these plug valves in ASME classes 150 to 1500 and a temperature to 1650F. The sizes are from ½" through 36" in plug port of reduce and full bore. It is a simple construction with only three major parts simple purge options and metal sealing surfaces. KLINGER ADVANTAGE provides these valves in the U.S. market.

MIAM Valves

MIAM is our Partner for the design and manufacturing of high quality industrial Plug valves. The INNO-MAT® is a MIAM GmbH development which presents a revolutionary step in Metal Seated Lift Plug Valve single actuator Automation. It is based on an absolutely new and innovative design without the use of any indexing balls or nuts as well as multiple actuators. The advantages are the smooth and fast operation, great force transmission and high performance precision. KLINGER ADVANTAGE provides the INNO-MAT to the U.S. market

HY‐Grade Valves

HY-Grade Valve, Inc. Manufactures check valves which are engineered with features that solve common check valve issues. They offer a full line of check valves that are used in a wide range of applications for industries such as Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, Chemical, Petrochemical, Refining, Mining, Marine and Power. They are able to use special materials such as Hastelloy, Nickel, Inconel, Titanium and more. They offer multiple body materials and configurations. The valves have a spring assisted design and the sizes are from 1" to 24" at class 150.

Blue Ribbon Corp

Blue Ribbon began by becoming a direct distributor of gauges and thermometers to satisfy the needs of OEMs, which required high volumes of low cost quality products. Since that time, BR has grown into its own name brand of products with our main manufacturing facility producing pressure transmitters & level sensors. We have also partnered with other companies to design gauges, thermometers and accessories to our own specifications. Blue Ribbon Corp offers products at the best price for their unique application while maintaining an unsurpassed level of service. The main products are a complete line of process gauges and diaphragms. KLINGER ADVANTAGE distributes this product line to the U.S. market.

QTRCO Actuation

QTRCO manufactures pneumatic Actuators with all 316 stainless steel construction. Field reversibility is incorporated into all of our rotary actuators so that by simply turning a spring return actuator top side down, the action changes from fail closed to fail open. Proof of Performance is evidenced by high volume users who report they have experienced no failures in over a decade of use. Our exceptional performance based warranty demonstrates our personal confidence in our products. Maintainablity is far easier than competitive actuators. Costs of contaminant caused repair requirements (hardly any other causes of failure are ever reported) are lower than those of replacing cheap throw away designs. KLINGER ADVANTAGE distributes these Actuators to the U.S. market.

FURMANITE Valve Services

Furmanite is a worldwide leader and innovator in on-site industrial plant turnaround maintenance and on-line contractor engineered services.  Our Company's single mission and goal is to Maximize Asset Uptime for our customers from many industries by providing services such as leak sealing, hot tapping and line stopping, on-site machining and field heat treatment and more...  Specifically, everything Furmanite does directly relates to keeping an asset up, productive and profitable; be it a pipeline, a plant, or personnel.  Rely on Furmanite.