Customized Valves

Special Ball Valves suitable for EO­‐Service developed and manufactured from our group member KLINGER SCHOENEBERG

Development of ball valves from 580 psi up to 3625 psi for using in Ethylenoxid Plants

Ethylene oxide (EO)is a very reactive chemical product with a self-accelerated and a high exothermic reaction especially in contact with water, alcohol, ammoniac, amine, acid, base and rust. EO is a colorless gas or liquid with a sweet odor. The flammable, reactive and toxic characteristics of EO, and its effects on the environment, pose risks that must be managed by all users and producers. EO is very reactive, because its highly strained ring can be opened easily, and it is one of the most versatile chemical intermediates. Our Partner and Group member KLINGER SCHOENEBERG found their success in the manufacturing of duplex and stainless steel ball valves suitable for EO. KLINGER ADVANTAGE is happy to guide you in finding the safest valve for your application.

Application Success Stories

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